SKETCHBOOK: Master Spliter

FWACATA-Sketchbook-333In all the scenes I wrote for the TMNT/Daredevil mash up, one that really stuck was the idea of maybe the turtles enlisting Matt Murdock, maybe after he helps April O’Neil out of a jam she wa sin as a reporter, maybe to help hide their lair. It would be interesting later for the turtles, maybe in the classic mix up of fighting another good guy, Splinter recognizes Matt’s fighting style and form there knows he can go to him. This os course would only happen if this became some type of 4 to 6 issues arc, which I doubt Mirage/IDW and Marvel would allow.

This is probably the last entry on my TMNT/Daredevil Idea. I already feel that I’ve given a lot away from it. I may do some pages of it, in an exercise to build a portfolio again (possibly) can double for art and writing? Lets see.



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