By the way, I posted the Louis thing to just show also THAT I draw everyday. I can’t say I’m a great artist, I really can’t since a lot of the artist at Creature could blow me out of the water, but I am super disciplined when it comes to this, and the above a lot of things has helped me big time get where I am. I can’t stress that enough. Every time I have a student, I make sure to mention this. Anybody can be an artist. It’s not talent, it’s not passion, but just the driving discipline to practice your craft will get you there. Now if you’re a GOOD artist or not, that a whole other fucking bag that I just don’t the time to write about right now.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.01.24 AM

That being said, I’m posting sketches now on my INSTAGRAM, this time of my painting and Bigger sketchbook work. The daily sketches you’re seeing now came from a daily journal I carry with me, and some great, but most are exercises, and not too representative of what I’m doing as an artist. So feel free to follow me and watch my wacky hijinks (I’m lying, no wacky anything, but maybe some crazy shit) and let me know what you think.

Zy advert sketch of concept
ZY advert sketch of concept

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