This Weekend! SQUARE ART! ANIMATE! MIAMI! and more stuff!

This weekend:

A mega group art show where all the work is square in shape, but all other bets are off. Artists were asked to do their best work and show off their skills!

I will have a painting up there under the moniker of FWACATA, it’s part of a series of portraits I’m currently working. most likely after I will post about it on here, till then check out the show.

Then this whole weekend end check out ANIMATE! Miami where I will signing books for ZOMBIE YEARS at the Creature Entertainment booth!Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1.05.47 AMThe whole weekend I will most like be live tweeting and Instagram- ing from the show floor, so follow me on there!

After that we have one more awesome in January, that I’m helping run, a simple comic book soiree we’re calling MIDNIGHT SANDWICH:


Creature-Flyer-2014-front-4x5_webWe’re doing a little beer and pizza shindig with prizes and Art and Beer! Did I mention Beer?!?

So yeah  I have my hands full…


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