MEGACON 2014 report: Damn that was cool…


Alright, so I made it back in one piece from the extensive, ORLANDO MEGACON. I know I’m making it seem like a big deal and you might be saying,  “geez dude, it was just a con” but for me it’s a marathon of talking, selling, schmoozing, and networking, but I’m most tired from laughing so its not all bad. I needed all of Monday just to recover…2014-03-21 15.09.58-1

Booth #732 was cent and big. Our first year in the Publisher aisle, right across from BOOM studios, and next MENSA which just made us feel stupid…

2014-03-21 12.00.18


Me at the helm of USS CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT,  my publisher, my power, my CURSE2014-03-21 12.09.56

Publisher and overall Juggernaut of Comics, John Ulloa, taking the wheel….2014-03-22 11.58.54


Godzilla Print by Patrick Reilly which kicked all sorts of ass. We sold out of these so quickly it was ridiculous

2014-03-21 17.53.27-2


Issue 2 of TOMMY it out, and it SOLD OUT! More on the way. 2014-03-22 13.56.24 What could I saw about this guys COSPLAY but it was KISMET!

2014-03-21 18.28.32

Speaking of Cosplay: Boba Fett or Boba Fine? I put this question to the net and in just one short jump I got someone saying BOBA FATT and gave them the asshole award. 2014-03-22 15.57.36

It’s WOLF GIRL! A con is just not a con without her!2014-03-21 16.01.07

Two ZOmbie Hunters fight over a copy of ZOMBIE YEARS, ready to throw down!
2014-03-21 15.59.08

Resolving their differences they decide to just beat on me it seems…2014-03-21 15.12.08-1

Dr. Strange! I love it!2014-03-21 12.56.02-1

CHAOS! Space Marine, was a gigantic…2014-03-23 14.06.23The semi-Nazi SS  Sith lord there,  sort of made go “huh?” Either way it was badass…2014-03-23 14.03.26-1

SNAKEMAN! 2014-03-23 14.02.09WICCAN!2014-03-23 13.56.30POISON IVY and IRON FIST!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was so busy with sales, panels, and talking I really couldn’t catch a break. This time it was exhausting because the AMOUNT OF PEOPLE was ridiculous. It actually felt like a SDCC for a second there, where you can’t move, you can’t get anywhere, and then  it’s almost not worth going anywhere in the con because everything is just crammed in.

In the end I enjoye dit and maybe this year was growing pains because of the new location, but still, AWESOME POSSUM. Will be there next year for sure.



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