SKETCHBOOK: Gar-Girl for the Win…

Sketchbook-2014-00-26Within VIGIL, Gar-Girl is pretty new. It’s when I was batting around ideas based on the Icons I’ve seen within comics, and in one of the was the paradigm of Wonder Woman, being a Mythical Amazon Warrior. In that i liked the idea of the Soldier and Magic and in looking at just fun-to-draw aspect, gave her horns. Originally I was going to make a war-like Satyr but in Truth she is a troll, and a civilized one at that, and tries to uphold the law and be something she’s not. She was an odd surrogate for the Miami Based VIGIL book but I had to see about getting more flush with the characters and she really did it for me, as a transplant that non-latino and even non-human for a perspective for the team and book.


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