SKETCHBOOK: Concept Sketches – REZ

2014 sketchbook  3When working on REZ , one of my newer comics project in the works right, I still did lot sof sketching and drawing here and there. Even though this is my first writers only project  I’m still working on the look, the feel. Much of the time I let the pieces fall in place, mostly because the artist I’m working with like Johndell Snead and  Cole Brustad, are so good, I just have to sit back and take credit! (yeah, right)

But I do a lot noodling on paper to get ideas and flavor to certain bits, part of it is the look of character. The easiest thing of course is finding an actor that you not only like their physicality to it, but also their movement and acting to show off the character. Hence Javier Bardem for the character of Rez. We soon left that soon after, but there are notes left their  you’ll see as the comic unfolds soon.

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