PUNCH: FCBD, Midnight Sandwich, ZY delays and Whatever else

The Zombie Years » Archive » LOVE is in the air….and some Blood… and some trachea…. and….. here’s a little explanation on the absence of Zombie Years the last couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, this weekend if FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and it is insane!

Too much awesomeness happening this weekend and after C2E2 ( which was just awesome) I’m sorta amazed we already have another event to attend! WHOOO! First it’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! This Saturday, May 3rd is FCBD, and it’ time to hit you local Comics shops and give some love to comics and GET FREE COMICS IN RETURN!


You want FREE COMICS? Just click on the images:



FMF cover no.1
Click here to download the PDF!

“Forgive Me Father” is a crime novella that tells the story of three different characters bound by a singular fate. What happens when the shepherd loses his flock? When Father Pedro’s faith in his God and church is lost after the violent death of a young friend, he finds himself alone with a despair and anger that can barely be contained. He dreams of finding solace in the arms of a runaway girl. Is she his angel of redemption or a fantasy he’s made-up? Will helping her break the chains of her past be a path to true salvation… or damnation?

 This is the first issue of 3 issue series, collected in a Graphic Novel or on Digital Download



 Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 6.06.21 PM


Meet Frank Nuñez, a relatively young survivor who’s now worked out his life in this new world. He’s been able to eek out a living among the dead as he delves deep into the reaches of the city to find anything to make life better. Frank is beaten–he doesn’t want anything from anyone. He now resides in his mind. To survive. To see the next day. But one day while scavenging, a girl comes into his life. All-of-a-sudden survival is not enough…

“Zombie Years” is a post-apocalyptic tale that takes place in a zombie-infested Miami, a few years after the world falls. Survivors must now get-by in a world ruled by the dead. Only through survival skills, DIY, and Cafesito can the survivors hope to make a new world for themselves! This festival of flesh chronicles the lives of Delilah and her survivor allies as they struggle to feed themselves, gather supplies, and make sense of where they are and what else is out there.


CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT will be in 2 places for FCBD and then uniting at night for another:

John Ulloa (Publisher, writer on TOMMY, FORGIVE ME FATHER, RAVENOUS) and Jose Varese (Art Director, Artist on RAVENOUS, THE GUN) will be at PAst Present and Future in Davie from 10-6pm, signing exclusives (the few we have left from C2E2) and sketch covers. Get there early not only will the free comic go fast but so will the opportunity to own some tight artwork too:


Meanwhile, Creature’s Editor in Chief Juan Navarro (Zombie Years, Tommy, Rez) and the most-awesome Jeff Dekal (Marvel Cover Artist, Journey into Mystery, Valiant’s Shadowman, Zombie Years) will be at Tate’s Comics signing books and making art for everybody that comes!




Now on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 6-Midnight we will be at Dolphin Mall, outside CinéBistro doing our mini-pop up show extravaganza known as:

10175985_10152187058743145_3271240306990352823_n-1We’ll be celebrating the opening of SPider-man 2 and hanging drinking beers and talking COMICS! that Friday through Sunday!

HEY THERE TRUE BELIEVERS! Come join us once again for MIDNIGHT SANDWICH pop-up bash when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and come on to the CINEBISTRO at DOLPHIN MALL for Food, Flicks and Comics!

FRIDAY MAY 2nd to 4th, 6pm to Midnight and on Saturday, in conjunction with FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! 
Sunday will most likely be from 4 to midnight, depending what the artists want to do

They are hooking us up with some Free Comic Book Day Comics and we’ll have some REALLY COOL prizes to Raffle away for anyone who purchases something there!

Art of Jose Varese Jose U Varese
Jeff Dekal
Mervyn McKoy
Jude Millien
Art of Noel Castillo Norman Nomein
Carlos Hernandez
Fwacata Juan Navarro

Creature Entertainment
Digital Hand Studios, LLC

BTL Collectibles Show

So go on out and visit your local comic book shop (LCBS) and celebrate this awesome day! For more info check out the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY website for a spot near you!


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