Things are A-BREWING

If I walk into a room and there is a large cake in the middle of a table with a shit ton of people around it, DON’T YELL AT ME ABOUT RUINING THE SURPRISE CAKE YOU’RE GIVING A CO-WORKER THAT IS LEAVING. I am a fat man, and I love cake, and will exclaim it anywhere I go and see cake. Damn it. 

So this week has been a good mix of sleeplessness, eye pain, back pain, and sinister chuckles as I try to hammer out so many plans before certain dates. I’m happy with them, but it always feels like I have to burn something down to get the time to work on something. That just the world of Thermodynamics and the universe obeys, but shit man, really?



This weekend I will be at Booth #535 at Special Edition NYC at the Javits Center in New York! I’ll be there doing commissions ( which you can find out about here) and selling/signing of Zombie Years and an exclusive cover of TOMMY issue 1 (alongside issue 2)

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.38.34 PM

TOMMY issue 1 CHALKBOARD GAG NYCC Special Edition Exclusive variant: What can you do when you find out your imaginary friend, who happens to also to be your pet rabbit, is a SERIAL KILLER, and you’re the only one who knows? Oh, and you’re seven years-old… and nobody believes you? That’s Tommy’s reality – but now he means to change it!

NYCC Special Edition Exclusive Variant, Drawn and signed by Juan Navarro (who will be in attendance) limit to only 30!

Find out more about us here


ZOMBIE YEARS issue 9 has come to a close, with page 23 going off yesterday

And so now for a little hiatus, with Nashmy Marquez drawing Dan Fernandez’s ZY short. I need to take a break since I have SO MUCH on my plate between Creature and…well..


Currently working an 8 Page short for the KILLER QUEEN ANTHOLOGY to turn in July. had a clear idea in mind but then, suddenly…I had another. Working that out with the editor, the affable Enrica Jang, to see what would fit. I feel like she’s going to throw her shoe at me. I don’t have a favorite, but i wonder what would be better? Might just do both. Will post sketches later.


I have a KICKSTARTER hatching. It’s awesome. But i can’t tell you yet. But stay tuned. You should hear me screaming from the rooftops on Friday. And then subsequently screaming to my death when I fall off said rooftop. Either way, COMICS are coming


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