Sketchbook Stuff 15This was to be the logo for a flag i wanted to raise for comics awareness in Florida, hashtag#COMICSFL. I’ve used it sparingly, because it is hard to try to herd the many creators under one banner, if only for promotions sake. I have to admit though, it is daunting also because the amount of work and catch up it would take Somebody were to pick up this banner, I would wholeheartedly support them. It would mean just coordinating and being on top of FLorida creators and see what they are doing. I even thought an aggregator site bring these together could help greatly, but how do you set that up?

And hell each state could have one too! I would be great as a rallying point for local fans and cons to go to and show what we’re doing.

I picked the manatee, because like yesterdays post, c’mon, it’s they are the turds of the ocean, funny and cool at the same time!

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