More than a HUNGER! RAVENOUS – Kickstarter

RAVENOUS – More than a HUNGER! by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter.

We’re at it again, this time with an amazing project that I’ve been part of as Editor and now as Series writer (starting in issue 2)  created by the amazing team of  John Ulloa and Jose Varese.

Jose is an amazing artist, and you should really check out his work and his Instagram page, and Jon has been the driving force behind Creature with me at every con. This is the chance for them to shine and get Ravenous out to more people than ever!

In January, we will be in the Diamond Distribution PREVIEWS catalog, soliciting nationally for the first time with RAVENOUS. It’s a great book, with a cool story, amazing art, and story arc that’s going to blow minds.  Check it out and pledge what you can, even a buck is awesome, and if not SPREAD THE WORD! 

As much as this is a business move with a hot-new project and another step in global domination, this is also a chance for my friend Jose to reach his full potential. He recently took the plunge and left a job that was treating him like crap, and decided to go into a more rewarding career as an artist on his own. He’s already doing great, let me tell you, and it was a calculated risk, but really one that, as you can see from his work and following, was kind of a no brainer too. He just needed to do it. So as a fellow artist, his business partner, and friend, I think I am more stoked to see this happen and burst at the seams MORE so for him than anything I’ve done. So take a look and let me know what you think!

Here are some more examples of his work: 

43dc34e12f06983e439bbe53546f5ec3_large 10433235_1451136555152480_7380599154476262495_n 156067_1463701750562627_7561645396650109374_n 1610761_1445277879071681_7393926317886931754_n 10606122_1462637077335761_2198974231918516982_n 7557496d87be6e1a6be6b3b2ce8931b5_large Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.56.26 AM 84298312b255228bb0d2a6c9ba624a73_largeDIG?

Hit up the Kickstarter page and show some love, we’ll see you guys soon!

Jose’s Facebook and Instagram


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