Kuriouser and Kuriouser, a complete Concept

These are some loose pen sketches I started to do because a fat rollerball pen we use, UNIBALL impact 207. They are really loose, and in essence, HORRIBLE drawing tools but once they get warmed up and the ink is coming out evenly (which I don’t know to attribute to actual warmth from use, or getting a good one)  it’s good for very loose line drawing.

I dig this when I am just hammering out a concept or look to something. Instead of detail I’m going for shape and form and getting the idea down, and not much else. It’s a little liberating working in the constraints of this and as you’ll see in this quick concepts sketches coming up, it’s bare bones but their is something I dig to it.

I have even thought of doing it all in Watercolor

KURIOUSER & KURIOUSER story I was developing and kind of letting back burn for a bit right now. An American Steampunk adventure, featuring globetrotting brothers trying to give honor back to their name after their inventor Father dies mysteriously, I wanted to seriously entwine it with real world history and mechanics but met a challenge that would mean time to do due diligence in its research not to get accurate just to get right, hence I decided to back off of the project and let it breathe But ideas are a juggernaut to stop happening and things pop in so I got to put them down. That is where this uniball way of drawing comes in handy so as to not bog down the work in fine drawing but just getting idea to paper. I’ve been messing with the idea for a while, at east since 2005 or so


Sketchbook Stuff 16Archie Kuriouser is the BIG Little Brother of the two, Archie is a big man with an even bigger heart, and having travelled South America as journeyman blacksmith, know what can be made of metal and earth understanding of materials and techniques to make almost anything stronger and better. This stretches to his personal life and those he loves and cares for, and always believe in hugs instead of punches. But when he does punch you, well it’s like a freight train deciding to ride your face.

Sketchbook Stuff 17Vincent Kuriouser is the small Big Brother, a genius at plans and building, he is the truest to the word visionary, in all the good and bad that comes from the word, being myopic at times to people’s needs and feeling around him. He is European educated but never lost his sass of a South Side kid from Chicago, uses that to get his way to what he sees. Recently this father death shook him more than he thought, and he soon saw that his lacking of humanity is more of a wanting and found a new life in evangelizing the gospel of science to any who would here it. Archie find this admirable and along in their quest to help the family name, feels better and closer to his brother for it.

Sketchbook Stuff 18James Kuriouser the uncle to Archie and Vincent is supposedly wanted in the conjunction of their father’s murder. The boys don’t believe it, they don’t think James would or could do it, but they do want answers, and seek out to find him, which will prove hard, to say the least. Unlike the Analytical father of the boys, James is a nomad and cowboy of his day, a tinkerer gunslinger who is not only wanted for murder but in also charges of  betraying the Union by aiding the Native Americans and Iroquois nation against the murder of their people, and filching of their land. He maybe the key to what this MacMillian group is that has bought out the Kuriouser family company. James loves the boys, but believes them too soft for the journey ahead and makes sure they are well taken care of. He is surprised to see them so brave in the face of adversity for the first time.

Sketchbook Stuff 19


Esme Guiliamet would come in later in the series, an ex-girlfriend of Vincent, she works in the Macmillan company as a scientist and tinkerer in her own right, and plays a Madame Curie amongst a semi sexist world of science. She would play the most logical mind on the group and up it’s game with Chemistry. That was later on I think in the series.

I did want to show the divide, and administer an idea of  Steampunk in the sense of the DIY revolution, the culture being that of those who would make, create, and SCIENCE the world on their own. Part of that is to show the old stuffy science world driven, as it was during that time by men, and Steampunk being open and even for everyone both sexes and all races. It’s about what you make not who you are. Esme would be the Female POV in all that.

Sketchbook Stuff 21

 Roses Arred pilot/driver/maniac she the one who would step in a drive the vehicles and introduces the Kuriousers to the Steampunk world and the lucrative life behind it. She would also prove to be the group brute, there break teeth if necessary. Originally I named her Margo but that never stuck with me so I liked the idea of her being self-made almost, a street orphan with a love of speed and intro to the mentality in Steampunk.

Sketchbook Stuff 22

Great Aunt Tabby, Tabitha Kuriouser is the link to the past, to family, to roots for the Kuriousers, and the one who would help cement the basis of the series, which is that if a technology doesn’t lend itself for the improvement of life, DISCARD IT. It’s a testy subject for sure, and would require careful writing just to make sure it doesn’t slap you in the back of the head all the time, and I figured a grandmother like figure could do that here.

Sketchbook Stuff 23

Claire Oslo and Mank would be street kids the Kuriousers would take in, and show the other most valuable lesson from the series I wanted to impart: Teaching is fundamentally one of the greatest things you can do. Essentially they would be the second generation of Steampunk the future of it, and maybe even the Dieselpunk pioneers, if the series ever went that far in timeline.

I originally was thinking of mashing this together with my Dragonbreath concept (fantasy punk rock book) but in the end I found it just messing up BOTH concept and evolving nothing. Because of that I decided to give it room to breath and set each to their own side of the room. So this will stay as its own and as will Dragonbreath

So this is all the concept for the book. I never really ran with it for too long and there is about 5 issues of notes and maybe 20-30 pages of loose scripts I’ve done, mostly dialogue and key scenes. But besides my own horrible schedule, I would want to collaborate with maybe a team of artist and writers on this and produce something with many hand on board that would and would show off many new points and areas of our own history and the world of inventors that was there. It’s a visual work, but the underpinning really go into the sociology and philosophy of the maker, the tinkerer, and our role and IMPORTANCE in society.

Maybe if next year is the boon that it’s supposed to be, maybe just maybe I can the right folks to get on this adventure and get the fire going to make KURIOUSER & KURIOUSER a reality.




KURIOUSER & KURIOUSER, and the characters mentioned are  ©Juan Navarro 2014

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