TAKE THE HIT no.2 : MERRY SOLSTICE and all that crap

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Calvin-and-Hobbes-Snowmen-6Even though everything is supposed to be slow and laid back I’m still hard at work at my desks, trying this and trying that, hoping for new Year, and to get back to the relevance of THE WORK. It’s not “BAH HUMBUG” more like “Do you have anything else to do that doesn’t cost MONEY?!?”

Miami is a shit city for the Holidays i think. At  least in the regular sense. I don’t really care about snow or seasons,, got plenty of that when I lived in Chicago and Rockford, you can keep that icicle sodomy of a city. No, it’s the way people act around here: traffic at all hours, mostly to SHOP, snowbirds in town driving gaped mouth and semi-drooling as if entering the sunshine state cancels any and all experience in driving, EVER, and just an over reaching feel of desperation until Christmas comes and everyone gets trashed and receives gifts. Ugh.

You may notice that my ego has grown a level and now you will receive Instagram from me. Yes I know, you are already inching the cursor to the unsubscribe button. DON’T.  4a1b18056cd884624a28e3a807f13959025f462e_mI swear on a stack of MAXX comics that I will not flood this with kitten pictures or photos of what I ate….unless I drew the fucking cat, or what I’m eating is fucking FAN-TAB-BULOUS. Or i’m eating an amazing cat, you never know. Then it may, at least be entertaining.

I’m painting again, mostly little things here and there, but I have a grand plan for everything, an idea. As long as I keep my hands moving and making, I feel I can do no harm. Maybe I won’t advance myself too greatly, but I will go farther. Because of this I have had some greater insight into my work: One, Realism is not for me. I say this in the sense that when I try to make some painstaking staggering piece of genius that is about realism and exactness, instead of capturing the idea  or the feeling, I FAIL. Not in the sense of not getting likeness or getting making it LOOK LIKE THE THING, but i think I’m pushing myself in a way that isn’t me.I don’t enjoy it. It’s this static thing on the paper that well, not even i like how do I expect YOU to like it. I think it’s better when I enjoy the drawing, the idea, the feeling and when it comes together even when I work form a photograph like I do at so many times, that it seems to come together and I have something I dig.

I just bought another sketch a day journal, and it’s sucks ass. The design work it’s simple and a little too big for my taste, but the paper is SHITE. I don’t who this is for, and I’m ready to cut I’ve done so far out of it and just get something else before the new year, because again the paper is just the worst: it bleeds, it’s flimsy can’t even take a coat of gesso without buckling and even with pencils it show right through. ugh. Disappointing. I have an idea of a righteous daily sketch journal, I may produce it. What do you guys think? I may post notes on here and see what you guys think.

Also thinking of way to post what I’m researching on to here for you guys to pursue and tell me what you think. Then maybe you’ll figure where my mind is going in many of the projects I’m doing. Soon.

Until then:


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