TAKE THE HIT no.3 : This is the beat, move your ass

Ah, so many people are bitching and moaning about the Year already starting and the holidays are over, and that they miss 2014, and if not, how 2015 will be different, after they have waffles, and…. SHUT UP.

Time to get back to work. 

I know it sounds… asshole-ish. But there is something about the holidays that chaps my nads; it’s the idea that YOU MUST GO HAVE FUN NOW and MUST GO CELEBRATE and BE WITH FAMILY. It’s the YOU MUST that gets me. Fuck you. I do it because I want to do it. I see my family, when I can, but because I want to. It’s the idea that YOU MUST I think that just sort of… ugh. It’s like Valentines Day, how it’s about showing someone you love, that you love them, this one day out of THE WHOLE YEAR.


I think that’s the most insulting. It’ snot that the Media around us is constantly blazing into our fucking skulls that we have to do this, or celebrate that, that’s expected, it’s advertising, it’s part of the economic commercial mind meld that we procure on a day to-day basis. no that’s fine. It’s the fact that so many people believe it. It’s so astonishing to me that people actually BELIEVE THIS SHIT. And you tell them something and they simply say “You gotta”.

Again, ECH.

So yes that my sort of nod to the holidays. Now believe, me as you saw form the pig I roasted and family shoots, and cigars, I do enjoy the holidays, because, well it’s sink or swim right? But I think if everyone just sat down and said “this is an artificial mess made to make the money go round” I would be okay with it and go along. It’s people actually swallow the tinsel ringed log of shit silently that I wonder when the comet will hit.

Okay so in other news:

Here are two shows coming up that I will be attending:

Tattoopalooza-FB-BannerMy first convention of the year will be TATTOOLAPALOOZA at the Hyatt Regency in Miami FL! I be selling copies of Zombie Years, Tommy, Rez  so much more.  Jose Varese (RAVENOUS, Art of Jose Varese) will be there, signing and doing original commissions.

After, you can catch me there, in two-weeks I’ll be at:

Magic-City-FB-BannerMy Second convention will be MAGIC CITY COMIC-CON in full force! Come by to pick up some of the latest prints and comics we have available!

In other news, we’re coming to a comic shop near you! Check us out in the latest issue of PREVIEWS through DIAMOND DISTRIBUTION at your local comic shop:

12d1e-10860075_1380294948937895_1738172628_n b3f0c-10838452_1595057734042869_354993220_n

I’ll be hitting you guys up with ways to order yours at your local comic shop and ways to get your exclusive variant too. We’re working out a lot of new things with RAVENOUS, new ideas and approaches. It’s interesting to build a comic up like this not only the story the art, the design, but also the marketing, the printing, the very BUSINESS OF COMICS.

BTW I do have a tumblr, though half the time it’s just for research and time-wasting but there are certain articles and such I like to share. Feel free to follow me on there too.

I recently watched everything on DELVE, their video essay go down smooth and really take apart and then shows you how it goes back together, Ideas and Culture we’re using now. Can’t recommend it enough.  The LONG GAME piece they did, is a message of hope and a smack to the back of the head for me.

Working on the script for issue 2 of REZ, finishing layouts on issue 10 of Zombie Years and drawing Tommy issue 2 right now. The new year started with a kick to the taint didn’t it?



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