REVERIE Sketch Group 01/26/15 – NINJA NIGHT!

Reverie Sketch Group is a figure and portrait drawing workshop meeting roughly every two weeks in South Florida. Created and hosted by Jeff Dekal, the group is open to anyone with interest in getting together and sketching the figure, exchanging ideas, and just being inspired.

The other night was NINJA NIGHT, with the super talented Mami Yamaguchi as our model, who was awesome with her dynamic poses and super cool costumes changes. here are some of my own sketches from the night:

Final Sketch of the night, I took my time to bring up as many values using just my trusty p700
One minute warm ups I just layered on top of one another.

IMG_7943 IMG_7942 IMG_7932 IMG_7933 IMG_7928 IMG_7927If you want to find out more about the group and the next meeting click here


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