FWACATA ETSY shop is open!

FWACATA on Etsy.clipularI have prints and soon original art available in the ETSY store soon,but it’s open now with a selection of prints I’ve done including my DHALSIM print which is kicking off my Street Fighter Series of prints I’m doing for the year! You can find that so much more in my STORE too, and you’ll be helping support this blog and the podcast while sporting some bad ass art! NOICE!

Also available, “ADVENTURE SEEKER on an EMPTY STREET” a short I did for KILLER QUEEN anthology published by RED STYLO, and i’m super happy to be part of! Check out mine and so many top comic artists on one collection on their store.  

Adventure Seeker on An Empty Street, 16 of 16 from KILLER QUEEN - Red Stylo.clipular

This short marks the first appearance of MERMOZ form my long planned DRAGONBREATH fantasy punk rock comic I have planned. Get a sneak peak. This is far from a final version but you can see the nucleus of the idea here.

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