THICK OF THINGS – July, and somebody turn off the sun. NOW.

I am tired of sweating.

Just. TIRED.

And it’s only mid-summer.

I’m sitting in my comic shop, THE GOBLINS HEIST, alone, it was just closing time. I have a stack bristol and sketch cover to take home and draw. I take tomorrow off, thought i have some meeting to attend to later, and tonight I plan to draw and write while enjoying my beautiful wife. I am tired. I am sweaty, but I am happy.

Things are good.

ZOMBIE YEARS is sort of back on schedule. it takes a lot for me to get time to sit down and draw. The shop has me running around a lot, and so many minor things come up and need to be tweaked but if I don’t, everything goes to shit in a hand basket. It snowballs into these heathens  piles of shit, that I lose my wits to. So I nip it in the bud. Cut their infant heads off these mutant things before they grow and fester . I’m trying to Finish the 10th issue of the series to close out the 2nd arc, and 2nd Graphic Novel. It’ s been hard, because I wanted to do it on a certain upswing, but it seems that not matter how I do it, we will be marching into the next arch with lots of screaming and fire. Had a writer drop put of another project for ZY so now I have to step and finish it. Can’t be chasing people if they don’t want to finish, plain and simple. So that will see the light of day.

Also have on the docket of reformatting the first 5 issues into regular comic book format. People think that comics structure is some kind of joe, and my outright fury for such people is hard to hold back.

“No you do not simply CUT PASTE THE PAGE in an upright setting, you fucking barbarian” has been my answer so far to it. Then the blood, oh so much blood. 

My plan is to get issue 1 done by October and we could ZY go nationwide in solicitation by January, just in time for the 8th year anniversary of the book, and a complete reformatting of the story.

TOMMY issue 3 is in the work, hard in the works and we’re going for a KICKSTARTER for it in AUGUST, to help solicitations hopefully in September, for a November, December Release. This will be a big one, one  have to put my nose to the grindstone and balls on the BBQ to get done.

That and run a comic shop.

And the Podcast, which I’ll be posting stuff, or trying to anyway, all week to make up the lack of updates since then so stay tuned.

That is all for now. I hope in a month to touch base with you all again. This is my attempt at communication, so feel free to touch the keyboard and do the same to me, so that i know the supposed 2600 followers of this blog aren’t all bots.

Until then, you can hit all the buttons over yonder ———> and find me on the web, mostly on my twitter.

Stay good, it’s easy to be a dick out there, but if you do, do it in the service of good.

Till then.


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