THICK OF THINGS – August, The sun is still on, and I can take a punch. (Take the HIT no. 4)

I hate the term “I can take a punch”

It means you’re such an asshole, that you A. Been punched a shit ton of times to know that and B. You’re a fucking twat who can’t duck.

But it does connote that odd situation of being in a fight and getting decked hard as fuck and somehow, you’re still standing. Sure, in a about a minute your head is going to inflate like a fucking car airbag, but for now you are still functioning on pure adrenaline and anger.

So in the shop writing this out, while everything hangs over me. New orders, new subscriptions, new bills. Everyone is sick. School started. It’s dead, but in a good way, after exhaustive amount of sales. The shop is doing great, but the beast always wants more. It’s insane.

Creature is pumping away, hard, we have a lot going on, the biggest thing is a new low-key kickstarter for THE GUN 2. It’s a simple thing that we know our fans will support and help us make it to the next rung with the book. Currently we have as much money coming in and going out, and so I think thats a huge success. Now we just have widen the circle and get to that next level. It’s there, it’s so there, I can see it, but fuck.

Zombie Years is on hiatus, sorta. I’m working on it, but time and the shop have taken SO much of my time, that now to move forward I have to develop a day to do things. I don’t see that any time soon. I hope that as a rhythm is getting made, maybe something could be developed.

This goes for the podcast too. I have just been to focused on other thing to sit down get on with it. I almost want a very portable set up and do it form there. I have amazing conversations on the road, and with customers so I have to figure a way to work that out into the shop. Soon. 

TOMMY is chugging along the third issue will be preempted by a whole other project for Tommy, but it’s coming. HO HO HO. Thats all I have to say.

So yeah between that and writing, I have been demolished. it’s a good kind, an exhausting kind, but destroyed none the less. My advice for those going out there to do this kind of shit? PREPARE YOUR ANUS and do it when your young, take chances now, if only gets harder.Not impossible, only harder.  AND PREPARE YOUR ANUS. And be prepared to take a punch.

Till next time.

Rock n Roll. 

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