THICK OF THINGS: Maybe it’s not about speed, but not stopping


At least the version of winter that Miami can muster, sort of like Christmas lights on a Palm Tree, it’s funny for second and then just means nothing.

Holidays are here and before it used to be a time to hunker down, away form the conventions and craziness, and nail down new stuff for the next year. Now with The Goblin’s Heist, I’m doing the double hustle, this time doing Black Friday ( which went great) and Small Business Saturday with Local Comic Shop Day (which did awesome as well, plus people just going about shopping, all went well!

I was reminded that it is only the first 6 months of the shop and things are growing. They are definitely not where they need to be, but it’s getting there. There is a certain perspective you have to keep in this and that is of taking time and honing things. I know very little of retail, at least at the owners end of it. There are many in and outs, acceptable dealings, bullshit you have to put up with, daily tasks, and certain habit need to be formed. I’m getting there. I think a lot of times starting any business is like being on fire, and you have to find a way to put it out, at the same time not light everything else up with you. I know a little much, but that the urgency I feel all the time.

SO now at a year, I want to try something, with you, the audience. Some are visiting, because of the link, but i know have about 2K+ subscribed in one way or another to this blog, be it from all the social media I have attached myself to, and so have you, it seems!

Here is a link and it’s to a Paypal donation like button. I want to see if you guy can give to the site, even a buck, for it’s maintenance. I have to renew this year, and thought that it’s time for certain things to pull it’s own weight. I love the blog and would continue doing it, as I’ve done for a while, and i have the money to keep it going, sure, but now I want to see something for myself. Can it sustain itself? Are you all coming to this site and enjoying it enough to help keep it going? IN a sense I’m trying to find an inherent value to my work that is as mundane as money.

And to make it a bit of a trip to anyone who gives more than $10 to the website, I will send an awesome 11×17 print of “The Eternal Guitarist playing for a Single Rose” signed by me with a little sketch on back, with some added goodies probably as I go.


So yes, let me know your out there and if you want, tell people about the sordid man making, selling, and evangelizing comics in Hialeah by telling people about this page. 

Okay so now, we go forward, into the winter, into the torpor, into celebration, into reflection, into libations, and into another year. I may write before, but will be posting drawings for sure.






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