Approaching the Horizon

Have you ever looked at an old man?
Like really look at him. You know those old guys, just sitting, and thinking. The wrinkled mass of skin, sitting on a bench, leaning on a can, eye half closed in a daze, a thousand yard stare out to nothing.

The guy is just gone or lost, out of it, his mind is gone.

No, he’s thinking about pussy.
All the times he fucked. Everytime. The first Blowjob. The first back of the car fuck. The first time e stayed over night. The bad fucks. The one with the girl form the thing. That one night stand. That time with those twins….

Okay maybe not just pussy, but that’s the first thing that comes mind.
Conquest. Wins. All those hand shaking to the sky things, we get to have done in our life. That’s what it is.

I guess.
I hope.

I know.





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