The Commute 

“Listen” he said, eyes wide to the sky, “LISTEN AND YOU CAN HEAR”

Velour ignored the hobo as soon as she saw his testicles hanging out for his toga. She moved around, pinning a slower pedestrian in between the man with extra smell, so she could not have to connect at all. Her morning playlist blazed in the background, her latte tight in her grip, she maneuvered again past another herd of people. 
She heard it through $300 heading hones and now wondered why the hell she even stole them in the first place. As gained distance she sipped her coffee, walking with speed and determination. Cutting through the swathes of limbering pedestrian, she got to Lexington and turned a hard right cutting off a sleepy Asian man. He said something but the headphones worked now, and she ignored it. She managed to blink for a second and the. Her steely glare kicked back, and rammed forward.
On the next block, she slowed down her walk, now this was the human traffic jam going down to the office. Now space was given to pass by, and all she could do was move along with the crowd. Finding pockets, she advanced, people glared at her, this pushy women among pushy people in the pushiest city in the world. She could give a shit. 
She bumped into the man in front of her, almost bouncing back.

“Hey, asshole!” She yelled, her voice shredding the social contract that was already stretched too thin for the moment. He didn’t arm to hear her, he only looked up with a gaping mouth open wide eyes. What was he, a tourist? It was too early and too out of the way for such assholes, they need to stay down by Times Square or Broadway. She already pitched herself in another direction, when in front of her, an older women in a bulky military jacked stood there gaping up at the sky too. 
“God damn tourists!”
Velour moved again and now was surrounded by gaping mouthed pedestrians, stuck looking to the sky. She finally gave in and looked to see what could be holding people up, maybe a jumper? There was a rash of this lately. She looked and at first saw nothing but the buildings that made the city possible, looming over.
But then a blur. 
Then another.
Then and boom that sounded like thunder and freight fucked and had a gorilla baby.
High above stood THE PILLAR high above, trading blows with the MOONGOLIAN, the space barbarian. Each hit was a bus crash of sound, the air disturbed from the impact could be felt from 100 feet below.
This was going to take a while. velour did not have that luxury. She raised her hand, and a spark formed. Then two. Then another. Then those became one and it grew, and then it was the bright blue light ever, painting everything gin its color for a second. Then a sound like an M1 Abrams firing its cannon at a cheating lover came out. 
The ball of light went crashing out towards the MOONGOLIAN, almost curving, striking him in the back, sounding like a ham hitting a table. Arcs of purple and blue electricity pulsed around him and he went limp falling from above. 
The MOONGOLIAN began to fall. He is 8 feet tall, made of corded muscle weighing hair under 900 pounds and covered in space armor that look like polished marble. People scream as he came tumbling down, and Velour charged for another blast, but even she knew it wasn’t going to be enough for this. This was going to hurt.
Then he stopped.
The MOONGOLIAN just hung there.
She saw the too straight Jaw line of the PILLER with grin holding him.
“Vel, you know I could have handled this” he said his voice too soothing for her liking.

“You were taking your sweet time” she said and looked around at the stunned crowd, their gaping mouths and wide eyes now on her.

“You know, you’ve drawn some attention” 

She smirked

“Who these fucking tourists?” 

“People, Vel, people”

“Yeah! Yeah!” She said, dismissing the man who looked like the personification of awesome and every leading man ever.
She walked away from the champion of humanity and the Khan of the Milky Way, the crowd parting around. One man was so petrified he hair stood their looking at her, in her way.


He jumped, almost yipping like a dog.


“No” Velour kept walking “I’m just trying to get to work, you Asshat” 
The PILLER could only grin. 


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