The New Marvel Studios logo says FUCK COMICS.

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It is.

The Studio couldn’t wait to be formed, and get the fuck away from the comics. you can tell that they didn’t want to owe anything to anyone, least of all the comics. 

And it’s funny because it pisses me the fuck off so bad, when I really, have no horse in the race. But I can’t help but say fuck you to that. I am a fan, no shit, but I also think all these ideas that they are APPROPRIATING to their movies, are owed to the Sweat, Blood, Ink, and Tears of the creators before. Am I saying give a big ol’ check to them for their work, no, but to pull the plug away from the comics, even in the fucking LOGO? THE LOGO? What a better backhand to what helped you become what you are than that?


Comics never get respect, and maybe that why so many people make it so damn well, we’re waiting for people to love it as much as we do.

Wow, we are fucked.  

1 comments on “The New Marvel Studios logo says FUCK COMICS.”

  1. NAh, it actually says “we are the ones who make the movies you love so much. We have nothing to do with those Fox movies, which also have a Marvel logo in front of them”.


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