Haven’t done this in a while but maybe mapping my plans and brain on here will give me a resemblance of a plan and sanity. Okay:

+ Currently lettering TOMMY issue 3. THE END. KAPUT. Forever done. It’s been a long road with this book, and I’m proud of it having stood on it’s own legs and sold well, both in the Con scene and through Diamond. It makes me think I can do this COMICS thing. I am done with the book….FOR NOW. It is a bit of a love letter to THE MAXX but also to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Old B&W TMNT, R/Crumb, Tex Avery, Ralph Bakshi, and so much more. Because of this, I think, that it touched so many folks and they love it so much, that it touches me more. Even Zombie Years to a certain degree, was a story I really wanted to tell, but in the sea of zombie books out there, was hard to gain purchase where it needed. Hope to have this done by the end of the week.

+ I’M THINKING ABOUT SCOPE. The SCOPE of things, the birth given to things. We know so much now, it’s fucking hard, HARD, to ignore shit. We have more info in hand than ever, so our ignorance is just fucking POIGNANT now. What do we do with it? is this about progress, or is this about ignorance? What do I do with this?

+ Watching HAPPYISH. Again. It’s so God Damn Good. SO FUCKING GOOD. I can’t say it enough. And because of this, I’m not surprised that it wasn’t picked up for a second season. I’m really not. Most people are to fucking stupid to enjoy it. And I’m not saying that, in that “Bourgeois asshole, who thinks he’s so fucking cultured” kind of way to belittle people. No. I’m saying it as real as possible: PEOPLE ARE TOO FUCKING STUPID, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY, TO APPRECIATE THIS SHOW. People need to be happy. he need to be happy all the time, that’s fucking stupid. That’s childish, idiotic, immature, even retarded. So I could see why they didn’t watch it. HAPPYISH. See it on Netflix.

 + Looking over the next year, I had two thing to be really concerned about: THE SHOP and MY COMICS but they sway into one thing: MY LIFE. My career, for the lack of a better word, is COMICS, stories, telling people there is better ways to live, think, and even die. Stories. Getting them peoples hands. Convincing them that this is food.  But if we look at my shit rant in the previous bullet, well…. I’m in trouble. 

+ World Domination. What if you started it by accident? hmmm.

+ DC Rebirth is dying down. Seeing how it came out in such a huge wave, it was a boon for comics shops. They sort of forced it down our throats though, and 2 week turn around release is causing some weariness from both the shop and customers, with some falling off, though it’s mad aims hardcore collectors. In the end, it was good, but damn they need to ease off the pedal soon.

+Now doing the UPPER DECK Doctor Strange Sketch Cards. Have to turn it in next week. Man I am killing it on those cards. Can’t show anything though. Shit. 

See you next week!



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