Take the HIT: all this life changing is making me dizzy

+ Finishing the Upperdeck Doctor Strange cards. Again, can’t show anything due to an NDA but some of my best card work yet. This is how it goes down when it comes to the cards: they pay you a small sum on each card. Quite frankly it’s not near enough. I try to put 30 minutes, to an hour of work on each one. They want full color, too. So, why do it? Because they give you artist proofs to sell, for people to get custom work on official cards by Upperdeck official blanks. Then you can charge more, like I do those at $40-$50, so you can pick something up. IF PEOPLE GET THEM. I have only seen some boards and some sites about sketch cards and the community around it but I don’t see enough. I do it also to at least be able to say MARVEL SKETCH CARD ARTIST which means dick, but hey promotion

+ picked up a commission for some RPG characters from a client. So much fun. I may post certain spot about it here before a grand a reveal. Or on Instagram!
+ my sister in law passed away this week. I don’t really talk about family stuff a lot because well, it’s none of your business. And I don’t say it in some asshole “my world is so intriguing ” sort of way. It’s more out of the selfishness that this is my family, I love them and I won’t share. I miss her now. Terribly. But I think in the hearts of hearts I was able to enjoy her company in the limit of what our relationship was. She wasn’t easy to get along with. She had her shit. She was never bad. But she was an adventurer in the fullest sense of the word. I think, now more than ever, I admired her. I hope she is happy that she can rest and go on to the greatest adventure yet. I love you
+ Went to court this week: besides the obvious bureaucratic shiftiness I was surprised to see people there are soooooo run down. The judge, the public defender, even the bailiff all looked like they wake up with someone stepping on their balls.

Then the defendants (cue the people’s court music) who were all snappy assholes at all times, even in the line. All of them were like “this is bullshit!” In their indignation. All emotion, no thinking, just bluster. All of them. I saw some playing the “I don’t know English” card and I knew they did. I heard them outside speak fine then inside suddenly turn into speedy Gonzalez. They all think they can beat the casino in this game.

Then I see why these public officials are so worn down, torn up and drained; they are part of the wall these assholes crash upon of the justice system saying “we don’t care, fuck you, pay me” and I see how the machine works, how this meat grinder of the soul moves.

The only people I saw shining in this were the Traffic Court rent a lawyers that came in, representing clients. They had some spit and shine on them at least but they too were cut from the same cloth of the public defenders, worn out in other ways but with that shit grin of thinking they know how things are worked out. The kind of people you know need to get punched in the face.

I find it all fascinating, for sure, because this is where the law starts. You see the beast move in the water and all this sucker fish that move along eating whatever falls out of its mouth. The total unfairness of the system , the justice that is does disperse, the bolts rattling to hold society together. Peoples lives are changed, drastically, daily. Yeah I actually dig it. 

I was their for some minor traffic crap. Thought I should go with open eyes.
+ I may put a pitch up on here. Maybe just for you guys to see. It’s not so much a pitch but definitely a comic I’m going to work on. But the the idiot middle school art student in me is worried about copyright and somebody running with the idea. I’m being an ass most likely
+ working on Rez, with a new format. I will be putting it forward soon on Kickstarter and putting the info on here. I’m taking over the art duties. I thought at first of just pencilling but think now I may just do the whole thing B&W ink washes.  
+ I don’t want it how it was but maybe how it wasn’t 





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