Take the Hit: endings

+ tired but thinking too much 

+ comics are coming in late. Fuck. What else is new.

+What the fuck are you assholes thinking just sitting in the shop? I mean sure i don’t when folks hang out, and talk or whatever but I have a couple of fucking BONERS who I always have politely be a dick to because they sit and literally grab comics and sit and just read. What the fuck, buy a soda!

Sorry I have to file this somewhere…

+ currently at another funeral

+TOMMY is done but added and extra little twist to it and needed an extra page of violence so I decided to add this bit, a nod to the Killing Joke. 

These are fun, in doing it I understood more and more what Brian Bolland was going for in page, the layout and the look. 

+ so my relationship of 13 years has ended. Holy fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

I’m Jim Gordon I guess.

That really ends this entry.



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