TAKE THE HIT: Screamed so loud,it bounced.

+ TOMMY is off to print, and from here start planning what to do for the Graphic Novel. I am planning to do the 3 issues with the original cover designs for Cons, but really need to grind the original design into the 3rd issue. 

+ Being single at these heights present so many things: the awkwardness of talking to someone you’re attracted, who is attracted to you, while recognizing all the bullshit social dancing you are doing, it’s hard not to roll your eyes. I’m excited and anxious about it, but thanks to looking only at my work, I think it’s gonna work. 

+ Had some dates. Well, fake get together things. It’s like they are scouting. Can’t say Date, but it’s just you and me and drinks? No, not a date. We’re having dinner and you have your arms around me? Not a date. What? SO yes it’s new and stupid all at once. 

+ Working on Rez. Trying to figure how to draw it to my satisfaction. I don’t want to draw like anyone else. I look at Tommy and Zombie Years and they are me, with two very different ways to do it. I want that for REZ. But it needs the type of mood lighting and shadow to really make it develop. I have ideas, but it needs practice. It’s what’s cooking right now.

+ Hooked up Instagram to the blog again: Yay or Nay? Too much?

+ The shop is pumping and it seems we are making headway but so much is going on out there, it’s hard to say. People are losing jobs, or moving and shit is just insane. Have to market the place here. As much as I love it, I also think it’s insane when people come in saying “I never knew this place was here” and I go nuts thinking about how I feel like I’m yelling from the rooftops. But that’s the way there is. 

+ Heard a guy scream COMEPINGA! (DICK EATER! in english) at the top of his lungs, so loud, I thought he turned into Thor or Shazam. It was so loud and heartfelt it bounced off the wall and hit me from behind.

+ this is me being a dick: TRAVEL is over rated. So many folks have this wanderer passion bullshit that is an obvious ploy to sell tickets, hotels, and bullshit. For what? For what exactly? To say you went somewhere? To seem like a deeper soul and more in depth person? How can you do that when you haven’t know yourself? You surroundings? How do you see without looking? It reeks of bullshit. 

Now should you do it? Yes. But not for the soul purpose of putting shit up on social media to seem interesting because you want to KNOW. More. More than all this. More of yourself. That why you go, even to the fucking street corner. To grow.

Anything else is self grab dozing bullshit. You fucking suck. Go grow.



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