Well, to post about my current projects and situation,  would be downright idiotic with taking yesterday’s date, and it’s relevance to myself. Sure, I could reflect on everything that happened that day, but do we all need another post about being there? About what happened? How have things changed? Maybe we should just reflect on it.

I know it’s a marker. There is a before 9/11 and an after. Nothing in between. Everything changed and we all reacted differently to the events that happened. Some things divided us, some stuff united us, but in the end, we were all changed. That’s the one thing 9/11 really is, a marker of change. We can look back and see our likes, dislikes , passions, loves, hatreds, who was with us, and who is not with us anymore:

+ My Father was sick, and a month later, passed.

+ In college, trying to get my degree, while working freelance

+ I was in love with a girl in Delaware, involved with a girl from New York, while seeing a girl from Russia. De Pinga

+ Learning a new level of painting.

+ I was working on VIGIL for Graphicsmash.com

I look at then and I look at now, and wonder where the differences are. 15 years later, I’m 38 years old, and I don’t feel it. I mean maybe when I get up in the morning, but really in all reality, I feel amazing most of the time. I’m wiser and smarter, and now, even amazed at my resilience. Now my biggest concerns are:

+ Making the Shop work out

+ Getting my comics career in check

+ Learning more

+ Painting

+ Writing

Notice the difference there. Less I. More present. Less people. I have resolved to never lean on someone as I did in the last relationship. A person should not be your source of happiness, but it helps. It’s all on you.

So that being said, 9/11 is that marker socially for everything now. I still talk to the girl from Delaware, on occasion. I don’t know what happened to the Spaniard. I still miss my dad. My mom has a boyfriend! I’m working on REZ for Creature Entertainment. Working on a VR comic adaptation of TOMMY. Seeing about ending Zombie Years the right way. So much more.

The world has changed, and we have to change with it. But knowing your true focus, and adapting, we may just be in a better place. 







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