WorthinessIs a fickle thing

Our worth

But the weights and gauges we use on this are what make all the difference 

The scale is which we measure are odd

There is a standard

And it is not happiness

That for sure

We must realize what we are and what we can become 

Out potential and reality

It’s is hard because we are so hard on ourselves because we can’t lie

We can lie to the world but not ourselves

That the real motherfucking fact of life there.

It’s what we run from and laugh about 

Where we cry and despair 

Where we pray to ours gods and plead with our loved

Because are we worthy

No matter the height not the lows

We want to count for something.

That is the question 


The answer 

So close your eyes tonight and ask that and know that and live it up after

Because only in death are our lives finally weighed

By the living

And by then

We have bigger things to worry about. 






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