D.C. Comics Character Concept run through

So I saw this amazing image

By AnklesnSocks (go support!) and it made me trip first by the concepts involved and second the idea of getting all these characters on a page so I started my way tonight with some concepts!

So here are the first four

I thought it would be a great challenge to run through and figure each and every character in my own way, and stretch my ability to not only draw but interpret character as I see them.

DEATHSTROKE : I went for a type of simplicity here back to his colorful sort of clothed samurai look. This is fast and loose here with ink but the simple shape and look pleased me and maybe will lead to something else.

BLACK ADAM: this is all about lifting and I’m not 100% to where ow as trying to get to, but not really bad. I may go back. I wanted to show POWER but in a electrical sort of way with light and darkness and really in the end, make LIGHT a terrifying thing. See? That what I was going for.

CATWOMAN : this is a total departure of Selina Kyle and here I wanted more of a socialite BOSS type character, a leader and that even led to an idea of a “Catwomen” gang (Catgirls sounds like ass) and he in the middle. She’s still can kicks ass but maybe now more of a leader than a doer . The elongated ears are Lynx like and more long and elegant. Sort of a crown while keeping the classic goggles and black looks with furs. I think I have something here but more could be done.

JOKER: this I’ve visited before, with illustrations and paintings so you know where I’m coming from here. The torn lips and buzzcut are faves.

So there you have it.

I think I’m going to do a run through of all these characters myself. Already started on Croc and Cheetara but these might be posted on my patreon! If you want access all you have to do is give a buck a month and get exclusive content not only on what I’m drawing but comics I’m working on, sketch covers and tutorials on all I’m doing ! Check it out

I’ll be posting some sketchcover soon from the sale I had recently too so stay tuned



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3 responses to “D.C. Comics Character Concept run through”

  1. counterinsipid Avatar

    I love these characters too. Uhm…


  2. artstew6 Avatar

    These are amazing


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