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1. Instagram: The Creative process
In a nutshell. Have a lot on my plate but, TOMMY Volume 2 Issue 1 is DONE! Come see it at C2E2 in April! Plus we have a Kickstarter coming for it by then too! Lots of news coming!, Till then we have 3 covers by the amazing Kenny Calderon to show:

2. Originally from Instagram: Snatched this from @beardedgoku_ but to me, it’s a powerful image showing what art, any art, can do: INSPIRE. That is the height of it all. When I create what I make this is ultimately what I would like to pass along.
To me, this is the pinnacle.

I wanted to reiterate this:
Now there is an obvious trigger here: a boy, obviously sick, in a hospital? in a Wheelchair? Holding his hand up high, emulating Goku from Dragonball, an anime, doing a super move, called a SPIRIT BOMB.

Remember that the Spirit Bomb is a martial arts discipline that allows you to borrow energy from grass and trees, from people and animals, from inanimate objects and the atmosphere… And then to concentrate them and release them. If you can draw so much destructive power from a ball made on this small planet… …Imagine what you can do with a Spirit Bomb formed on Earth! If you can also learn to tap into the astounding powers of the Sun… Well. Just be careful. Or you may destroy the very planet you’re trying to protect!
— King Kai, in “Closer… Closer…

It is in this idea, of all ideas, that something can fuel us. It is the closest artist can get to Religion in my mind; when you are so inspired in the face of whatever. The picture touched my soul, and if by any chance one of my books could have a quarter of such an effect on someone, I know my time on this earth has been done right. I love this.

The new standing desk I’m writing from, help concentrate all my crap in one place.

3. Full-Size RC cars need to be a thing like RIGHT FUCKING NOW. OMGyou know what kind of awesome Mad Max-like Demolition derby shit we can have happened!?!?! ACK, I’m in!
I think a remote control demolition league with these kinds of cars would be something to see, and also to show what you can do when you don’t need to concern yourself with the driver. It would be like Battle bots after getting impregnated by a Jaeger from Pacific Rim.
It’s funny that my brain instantly goes to some kind of stupid stunt, and really this could be used for horrible reasons. The writer in me already is thinking about some sort of scenario where a terrorist could use these RC cars to cause havoc. But then again, I’ve already been beaten to it by Uber, with their killer robots. Oy.
As UBer driver myself, I’ve heard all the stories, about how we are working to pretty much get our jobs taken by self-driving cars, that we are feeding the beast and all that, but when you shit like this, you kind of not only wince at the horror of what happened, but also sort of the whole idea. I think the self-driving car will happen, but in the end, you have to have SO MANY systems in place for it to actually happen, we may not see it for a while.

4. Speaking of which, UBER and LYFT are on the rise in Miami, and it’s an indicator of two things: People know about Car Riding Services more than ever ( though in Spanish everyone calls it an UBER, even a LYFT) and that it’s SORELY freaking needed. I mean if you are going out to drink, GET ONE. If you are going to the beach, GET ONE. If you just need to link up with people GET ONE. It’s becoming more and more commonplace, which is is great for me and my pocket, but also alleviates traffic and bullshit here. I mean if you’re going to party at the beach, why risk a DUI, $20+ in parking, plus gas, chances of getting into an accident, and delaying with the hassle?

Painting I’m either going to scrap or work on, not sure…

5. BTW I saw Pacific Rim: Uprising and…. well… It was good, but not like the first one. Definitely, a case for the sequel was not as good as the first one, syndrome. . A buddy of mine said the best thing: If we were our 12 old selves watching this, our heads would have exploded at watching this movie.Now we are so jaded by so many iterations of this, it’s hard to feel it anymore. I think I know why:
This is everything we loved about giant mechs ( they even do a little bow to the world of Gundam in the movie) and more, but the one thing this movie didn’t have as well GUTS. It was safe. The first movie, scare you a bit and showed the real horrors of such an event as giant freaking Monsters coming out and reeking a city. It makes sense and is awesome in that. But this sequel lost a lot of teeth and as much as it had some nice scenes, and good fights, overall it all leaned toward being more of power rangers movie than and an actual movie on its own. No spoiler her its does leave space for a third film which we could see happening form a mile away, but the franchise needs to grow it’s balls back and really get back to the nitty-gritty of the series when Del Toro was at the helm. I don’t mind the kids and the humor and even the small plot twist I didn’t see coming into the movie that happened, but I kind of want to see more of the darkness and horror of that world that comes along with it.

And so…

Remember, this is YOUR life, no one else’s. I don’t say this as some fortune cookie affirmation at the end of the blog entry to lift your spirits before I go; it’s just matter of fact. If you want to waste your life, go do so, sit there and become a piece of shit in front of a screen playing video games and rotting away. I’ll be jealous for sure. I wish I could do that. So if you do, go for it, just please, die quietly in the corner, if you can, the rest of us have WORK TO DO.

See you next week!



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