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Instagram: New blog posts on today.
Did this a while back and the one thing I enjoyed is people saying I’m not that big anymore. So I guess the 90% vegan thing is working… in some way.
I didn’t post on Sunday, April 1 because
A. I was really busy getting stuff together for C2E2 and
B. because anything that’s posted on the web on that day is just consider a joke or something fake or something and I just don’t need people scratching their chins reading stuff saying “he really means this?”
but didn’t want to leave with nothing this week. Even now as I write this it’s actually TUESDAY. Fuck.
I’m not one for winning streaks.
TOMMY is in the can and I’m now working towards finishing the new issue 1 of REZ . Seeing the art and script now I know I’m going to wrestle with the working it up more than ever. It’s not a bad thing , but I wonder if other writer/artist deal with this sort of thing; between happy mistakes and just realization you see opportunities to punch up the words a bit more or chance to try something new. REZ in many ways is the ultimate experiment for me and I hope the chances I take in it makes the book translate into a joy to read as it was to make it.
By the way
Putting together all my apps to keep the airwaves alive. I have become pretty good at just being portable and now see that in the next year I may need to throw down for a bigger better phone. I will stay iPhone because every time I look at an Android phone I want to throw against a wall at it’s just ineptitude of design, no matter how “easy” it makes things.
Ah for the days of a Blackberry.
Sketch cards galore this week! Some for commission and others for fun. Trying to fill a portfolio thing with them for cons. Speaking of which:
C2E2 IS THIS WEEKEND! Sadly I will not be attending with my Creature Bros because
A. Do not have new work to sell yet
B. Don’t have the dinero 💲💲💲
BUT Tommy vol.2 issue 1 will be their for its debut! Feel free to check it out at booth 104 right smack in the front! John will be there to sign too! And check out these exclusives:
So that is all for now. If you want more check out my Instagram and my Anchor page as I post stuff on their all the time. Until then here are some more sketches I did with a new ink brush!
also check out my Patreon page for exclusive insight in new projects (SPACE MAFIA!) and panel podcasts I’ve done!
Till next week remember
(Note: how Fucking stupid of me that I still didn’t post this and now it’s Saturday. Ugh.)


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