STATION ID: Going Headlong into​ the WORLD

Hello from Hialeah Florida, where we safely reside in constant sun and fun…. until the bees.

A bee took my seat the other day. we have a bench outside the studio to sit and talk shit, smoke a cigarette and all that. I’m not afraid of them or of even being stung. I was stung once and it hurt like hell. They are just scary to me. It flew over landed and well, that’s it took my seat. I stood there smoking looking at it in resentment.

Speaking of horrible embarrassments, Trump was here in Hialeah. I didn’t know about it until all the fucking traffic got me and everyone pointed it out. Many of the fine folks from my town came out to see him… oh well. I have this ongoing idea that he is somehow the absolute fucked up disruption we needed. He is the stopgap to so much horror, it’s like burning the lesion so you don’t get gangrene sort of thing. Looking at his policies be they foreign or domestic, you wonder if he’s the wrench in the plans for…. everything. Between Facebook, the wall, tariffs, immigration, and everything else, he is making us face all those things while galvanizing forces against it. Is this some Nolan Batman shit? He’s not the president we want, he’s the president yadda yadda yadda?

I still think he’s a human stain.

speaking of death: Hey we almost died last week. Or some of us would have. Or … something

Speaking of dying again I always think that depression is a natural expression at the state of the world. But what if it’s a genetic switch? A way to get rid of baggage? Trump visiting Hialeah?

In the end, we have an end. A little sobering for Sunday but don’t worry about the bullshit out there, worry about real stuff: like living.

speaking of living: I have been trying to monetize my work more. If I’m ever going to keep the art train going I need to be making the fucking stuff but also making MONEY ON IT. I’m seriously bad at marketing and monetizing, like well, any artist really, so it comes to no surprise how off I am in doing this at times. My one thing has been about making the work and the. Getting it on things. I recently was invited to Tee Public and after perusing gave it a try and open with this number here:

EAT THE DEAD is off a concept I drew out of the blue while sketching. Making a story from Pacman of all things is hilarious and the thought that this monster disturbed the dead by eating them was a fun morbid idea. I ran with it. I have more ideas to it but this was the basic approach for now. What do you think?

Since I was trying another go at digital coloring I came across an old design and just gave it a new spin:

DEVASTATOR encases all thing so love; PUNK ROCK and TRANSFORMER GESTALTS! Because of this I had to do a tribute to both and landed on this. It was great fun and seeing it done shirt wise and in other products, I’m super happy.

But then:

To say I was pissed is an understatement.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 7.52.24 PM

This is where TeePublic stood out: after talking to Team Leader who initially invited me to the platform (and a bit to my lawyer) it was soon lifted, and we were able to get out of this DMCA crap that💩 happened.

In the end, it was just people pulling the trigger to pull the trigger, and because the Ramones were mentioned was the only reason they did why they did. What a crock of shit.

Luckily people at TeePublic responded and were awesome and what I think I’ll stay on and make a real go of it.

So I have now a new design and hope to upload a design a week. SUPPORT THIS BLOG by buying a shirt! SUpport my comics and work by going to the Patreon, and the more who support it, the more stuff I can make for you guys!

But here

Till Next week, we’ll cross that bridge, hit the notes and do that thing,

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