STATION ID: Penis Poachers

Hello from Miami, where the weather is being a tease lately: Some days have been gorgeous here others it feels like the sun is going to land on us. If this be the end, well damn. But there is hope: THE FUTURE IS NOW!

I had an idea for a type of skit/short where penis transplants are incredibly successful and lurid business and leads to poaching… yes penis poaching. I mean think about if for a second it was true, their would be a wild hunt for cock all over he place. Rem we this rhinos with their horns chainsawed off? Imagine dudes just getting them sliced off! Black men everywhere would have to grab thief junk tighter than ever. There would be a new way of looking at big game hunter. Hmmm.

Maybe an 8 pager?

I want to turn these jokes I have into comics and for now I’m just getting them down as a fast as I can.

I am close to purchasing a new iPad with Pencil to start doing comics digitally. I think truthfully I would still work out in pencil but all my finishes would possibly be on the iPad. I also need to move into color more.

Old monkey new TRICKS!


I have the idea of just making a streaming web comic of idea an anthology of my ideas onto webLine toon. Sort of a version of MAD or CRACKED but you know…. FUNNY. Like DORK.


Also working on new work for the road this year:

Trying to get the portfolio full. Have some commissions to finish and then move forward. You’re always welcome to ask for one!

So tired.

This week time to try a new schedule for things and start another week of quitting smoking. Fuck me this is hard.

But in the end, of you just try to be better. You’re getting better. You succeed in just trying.

I think.


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