STATION ID: Sleeping Giants

There is something powerful with a new idea. It strikes me at times and suddenly the blood moves, muscles twitch, and my hands go to work even briefly. Time is a factor and shit has to be put down on paper or typed or something for it to survive birth. Then it needs to gestate. Something I allow to grow on their others I tend to feed.

Feral ideas at odd. They are these almost self-sufficient memes that seem to run on their own power and give me a glimpse on occasion. They are free range but you have to rustle them up if you are ever going to something out of them.

The Penned ideas are different. These seem to require attention o be fed. I start thinking about a cyclops occult detective in a modernized fantasy world and I’m suddenly looking up Gaelic runes to see about implementing onto the badge of Magic Police Badge that is going to be shown once. I’m reading up on Italian futurists because I want to modernize a style of Steampunk story into a post-modern sort of culture. Some get bloated and don’t make it harvest, others become too big a beast to manage, but in the end, the barn is full.

I’ve said it once that I think I could live another hundred years and not get to everything I wanted to do, idea wise.

But when it comes together and the ideas are now being built and worked and hammered into existence, when the Sleeping Giants rise up, it an amazing step.

But it’s going to be fun getting there.

So I have been posting more mostly with the Patreon and the Anchor podcast. A lot of times it’s not about having what to say, so much as having it in order to say it right or the best way. Also not repeating myself. My main thing is consistency, and keeping a schedule which I’m seeing is key to getting a broader audience.

I know I have something to say that is worth saying but it is so hard to keep it inline on top of working. If I was full time with it I could but between the shop and Creature and everything else, it’s easy to go off the rails. But the effort of writing this blog at 3 am the day it needs to go up makes it worth it I think.

I don’t want attention for attention’s sake I want to add value to life through my work. That doesn’t mean getting it right or people liking me or even liking my work but having some type of Lasting value. Ultimately when art changes you it’s done the real job.

And that where I’m heading.

Till next week, be good be kind and REWIND.





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