STATION ID: Where are you right now?

Happy Sunday from Miami where the Rain Gods have decided the news tribute while highways area seemingly being rebuilt CONSTANTLY WITH NO CHANGE OR IMPROVEMENTS. Last night spent an hour and half moving two miles and was close to just driving down a bluff to a street below which would have surely lead to an accident and/or my car getting stuck. But damn it was maddening.

I am not good in a line or being MADE to stay in one place. I’ve noticed that. If I have to be some where that fine but if I’m caught in transition like a highway or an airport and you tell me I can’t leave I don’t know why my anxiety kicks into overdrive and I want to flip out. It’s bad. Yesterday had to fight myself to not yank the wheel into embankment. Had to convince myself I wouldn’t make it. I gue sit all’s epend on where you are. Where are you?

Here I am:


Put a bit a flag wave on my instagram about it and people dig it. Sometimes on occasion you have to plant your flag and just yell what you’re up to. It’s good for you and informs the world. People aren’t looking for you, until you tell them.

Where are you?

The Variant cover I did for UNNATURAL is up for preorder!

Please consider getting it and here is why:

  1. It’s my first “professional work” as in for a big publisher (IMAGE COMICS) so like that will make collectible
  2. It’s a bad ass collaboration with the Daniel Dulitsky and his first pro Comic work
  3. The more sold the more people will line up to give me covers,
  4. more covers I do the more time I have for comics
  5. The more tome for comics I have the more tome for blogs I have
  6. Then you my friend will win!

I know shilling myself is not my forte but a this point it’s tome to try new things right? It’s amazing how many of us get into such a rut. When you feel that when you feel the tediousness of life boring the sides of your eyes, go do something different, something you never did. It’ll shake the universe off your trail for a little bit get you to a new place.Where are you?Where I will be:Next weekend I will be at HEROESCON in Charlotte North Carolina! I will have some new artwork and Paintings ready to go for sale and be taking commissions while taking in the whole Heroescon awesomeness! If you’re here come by booth AA-48 and if not check put my instagram feed as I’ll be posting from the con all weekend! Some smattering of what I’m doing: So that’s me this week. I doubt I’ll be able to post for next Sunday but I will try. I genuinely enjoy sharing with people my work and think Sundays work that same way the Sunday paper used to work: you’d lie about, chilling after a good breakfast, and fascinate you’re brain woh things. Now you can do it from your email no different if not better!So the until next ask yourself, WHERE ARE YOU? Inside and outside up or down, good or bad, where are you!?! And then, adjust course, because you always can.


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