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Sorry for the delay but I have been on the road since Heroescon three weekends ago, and now in Atlanta. Even with that happening and helping my brother move and doing some other things, I found that there is still work to be done! So no excuses! I had to get on it I pick up a lot of little small lettering jobs here and there and I have to keep doing what I can do to keep the bills rolling. This time I got something that was kind a cool from a website to do something that is Comics related for the product is a company that sells various supplies and stuff for guess what? BOILERS.

So with that in mind they kind of wanted to do a Comic with their mascot and I’m working on it now while I’m on the road my approach is pretty simple find out what they want to promote what they want to concentrate on and what kind of attitude do they want out of the comic strip. Now that means relating a lot of messages and communicating and has a lot of copywriting and just plain old Comic Book writing on my side so I start off with a basic script and a thumbnail.

Notice the tome on the top of those images? Yep, no sleep till comics, son.

Now really the thumbnail comes before the script but I want to show that I had some kind of idea of what I wanted to say in the Comic to kind of get across the ideas that I had and what they wanted. When I approach Comics and using stuff with a client it’s an odd bird and sometimes you have to be very careful not to end up doing something you don’t really want to draw or doing something they really don’t want to pay for.

Clients are a whole other thing and falls into my graphic design background, and what I did in advertising. It’s all the same. Something to keep in mind when you are working with a client on a project like this is, that many times if you show them something you don’t like for some crazy reason that’s what the client will pick. It’s maddening. I always try to go for the idea that you think works best, that you like and show them that, even if you’re risking in the long run that they might not choose to work with you on it. You won’t end up with a project that you will end up hating, not only doing, but having in your portfolio later on.

So here it is the thumbnail:

Plus various character sketches for them to approve of ideas we came up with as we’ve worked out the script

Since the character already seem to have a lot of design aspects to it from like team fortress two or other kind of games like that where it’s more of a slick kind of animated style I kind of kept it throughout the comic

I got it to the inking stage and even the lettering stage and now I have to finish off with the color here is the inking stage

And now the lettering stage

Now I have it pretty much done now I have to just wait to get home so I can finish coloring it because it working off a laptop and a small Wacom tablet and become such a huge problem to get everything to really fall in the place and you can I need the real estate of a big screen to catch capture the colors you want. Plus the final I’ll put up later on once I have clearance from them so it’s going to be on their website.

UPDATE: here is the final color version:

I am new and old at coloring digitally. The major hurdle I h e is the feel, he non bio-feedback I get from using a tablet. The Apple Pencils IS better, but it still feels… sterile to me.

He secret I’ve noticed seems to be about making new pathways in the brain for such things. Sitting there and clanging the rocks together to make it work UNTIL IT WORKS. What youth has in exuberance to learn the old makes up in patience/hard headed to learn.

At least for me.

This was all done on the kitchen table and a Fabriano sketchbook that I always carry, plus my MacBook Pro, which is rather old, and Wacom tablet that a friend of mine let me borrow because I didn’t have anything. I just want to show this as a way of saying that you can really work on Comics or do anything that you’re doing no matter where you’re at , or what you’re doing. You don’t have to be fancy about it, but it is harder to do, but can be done.

I don’t want you to think this is THEE Way to do it is but a way to do it.

okay I think I’m done waving my fist at you from my porch like old hermit. I just wanted to make sure it burrowed into your brains go and make things even if it’s shite. Because why not?

Learn, love, and don’t be a dick until you have to.

See you next week.

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