Don Quixote on a Flamingo illustration I did for Hialeah Art Night.
Bro, i hate when people don’t tell me things.
I left to Atlanta for a week or two and come back nobody told me what happened. What the fuck, I mean you can tell as soon as you set foot off the plane but at least put a sign:
These are our words tee days where you shit the blinds and peek out risking you’re face blistering from sun rays that make the concrete hiss outside. This is when people are he most pissed here. Also German tourists come to barbecue them to the sun god. Hopefully one say it will appease the salacious bastard.
I can’t pot much I’m super busy, but here are some highlights:

Steve Ditko R.I.P.

Haven’t posted in a bit been super busy but did want to show my condolences and appreciation to the One and only #steveditko No comic artist can say he’s not an influence since most comic artist they may emulate were they themselves, influenced by #ditko themselves.In the long run he is a cornerstone of the form just like #willeisner @therealstanlee @thenealadams #steranko #moebius #robertcrumb #carlbarks and so many more that changed the field and bought something to it and forever changed how we saw the form. This is my little ode to him from the #spiderman #upperdeck #fleer set I did some tome ago. When researching I saw just how amazing the costume design was, and iconic, not just the form but even color, to bring a character to life.Rest In Peace Mr. Ditko, thanks for bringing us to life.

TOMMY KICKSTARTER with 10 days to go!

If you haven’t had a chance get on over to the Kickstarter and Check out the new volume of Tommy John and I are working on:

Read the book that Peter David once said “This is F#*&Ked up” at a con after we handed it to him

For real.


Also working on some ideas and grabbed a random image for it so I’m sorry if I didn’t give credit here but at the tome I had an urge to bring an idea to fruition as fast as possible:

Plot: it’s about the First Telepaths on earth and how in trying to unite people become the most targeted group in the world.


That’s all for now. I have to brave the rays outside and Uber to then return and work on all the Work on FIVERR I’ve been getting. Gig economy being what it is, the biggest luxury is the ability to say Fuck it. That can NOT be underestimated.

See you next week. Be Good. be Kind. Kick Ass. Hug someone.


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