STATION ID: working man woes

Back in the Workforce and I noticed…

I recently went back to working. yeah I still have the comic shop and publishing company but that still doesn’t give enough to live on in Miami, plus the plan is great to work at AND has some amazing benefits and such. I dig it big time. But on thing I noticed about the job and this is a lot of people working nowadays: they are scared tot lab.

And i’m not talking small talk. Anyone in the workforce or especially in a office environment knows the whole small talk routines of the daily life. Monday Jokes and TGIF, and hump day and yada yada yada to the most nauseous levels is common place. Sometimes I get mad at such pedestrian thinking and living but nowadays I’m like MEH fuck it.

But I’ve noticed it’s because this weird ritual sort of code talk to gauge who is what at the office Who is cool and WHO iS COOL. What CAN you say, and what CAN’t you say around certain people or peoples or that guy/girl and when and here and yadda yadda

People share a semi-dirty joke like launch codes in a fucking Bond film.

Having been out of the daily grind for 3 years I never thought this would permeate here in Miami; for all it’s bullshit, and there is a lot of it, it’s never been a place for PC culture or thought policing. If anything it’s still a fucking brute hellhole of comemierda-ness that was a living juggernaut of stupidity.

So, it’s surprising to se or think that these things would be in an office environment.

Of course I work for a very big professional and, for real, cool company, who makes cool shit. They treat their employees with respect and no one here is trying to fuck over anyone. We do our job and do it well and everyone tows the line here.

Because of this I almost understand the atmosphere. but the people that seem to almost have a terror in their eyes about this shit, are the older folks. They are scared of who says what to who and when and if so, when does HR come in and start beating the living Sinead O’conner out of everybody.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is still Miami and when somebody forgets to save when the server goes down, you will hear a very loud “COCKSUCKER” come out of everybody at one point. Somebody will talk about the ashes fuckface who cut them off in morning traffic, or the cunt at the cafeteria who serves everyone with a “Mala Cara”.

But NOBODY can talk about Politics, gay rights, religion, etc etc you know… all the stuff THAT MATTERS.

And it’s….just kind of ugh, you know? Like trapped people.

This is not my take now that i’m working again. I love the job I hope to keep the job, and overall, I shut the fuck up about most things because if I chime in I feel like i’m gonna have HR meeting with a Pink Slip pie waiting to be crammed into my ashole if I do.

But still….





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