IDEA: Half-Orc Monk, vow of poverty prestige concept?

Instagram: Half-Orc Monk, a vow of poverty prestige class?

I had the idea of making a type of subclass or maybe Feat structure that levels up of a Vow of Poverty. I think this has been done before, but not in the specifics that I was thinking about: The Character takes a vow of poverty, and because never has more than he really needs, mends armor, fixes items, and never shows off any sort of wealth or status in any form, his surplus being sold to give to the poor and those in need. This also includes magic items, which when gained are sold off again to help those that less fortunate or given to those who need it. In exchange for this, the God/Source/Powers that be, give boons to the character for such sacrifices, in abilities, maybe both supernatural and regular to the character to make up for his gifts.
This is something I have been kicking around for a while, with the idea that a player doesn’t have to become a murder hobo and have a better ideal for them. I’ve had campaigns where Slavery was apparent so many had that to fight in the society they were in. At the same time, the player may be penalized for having more than a certain amount of magic items (per level) and depending on class. I wouldn’t penalize a player for having healing magic items if they were helping people but maybe a Belt of Paint Strength has to be thrown into the fire.
This also let them gain abilities in exchange that are really their own. This would lead me to an elite class of Monk who is all about honing their own strengths and abilities to come from within and rely on this. They could be very extreme about it and ends up being the crossfire/vegan of the group always preaching about using their own strength instead of relying on magic. It could be warped into a very anti-magic character, which I had a society like so in my campaign. There would be a way to level this up along the way, making it stronger and/or varied along the way.

I thought of all this while brushing my teeth this morning. Yeesh.






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