STATION ID: tired of being tired, but what else is new…

So I just want to say sorry that there wasn’t a post last week but I was kind of busy getting stuff ready for New York Comic con even though I’m not going to be there I was helping other people get ready for the show. That being said I also have all the types of pangs right now I wishing to be there but of course I’m not and I’m top of that I’m sick as balls right now. So that doesn’t help either. Either way I still am doing work and working on InkTober as you can see

This is from my post today on my Instagram account if you want to see more just go ahead on over and add me @fwacata

It sucks that I haven’t been able to work out for last two days cause I’m sick and all my friends that are experts in gym rats and what have you they’ve all said the same thing don’t go work out especially if you’re sick I probably caught it from the fucking gym in the first place but at least for now I have a kind of under control I come in and out the worst is those bouts of exhaustion that come in and has knocked me the fuck out and then I have like 30 minutes of productivity and then an hour of being knocked out and back-and-forth. I’ve been falling asleep in the studio and then waking up and doing a little bit more and then falling asleep again. Maybe this is a sign of pushing myself too hard but I don’t think so I think things are finally getting in line and I see like a light at the end of the tunnel so I just need to keep pushing little by little down the way.

This week I’ll start the daily posts again this time backtracking on all the InkTober stuff that I’ve been doing. I also have a couple of things and projects in the works that I’m hoping will be finding collaborators. I need to get the stories out of me I want them out there, good or bad, I want them out there so that’s my major mission right now aside from getting my shit together in other ways.

This is the real grind time when you’re down low. When you have very little energy, sick, and just generally out of it, and you feel kind of just hiding in a hole, this is when you need to do the work. This is when you need to get on it there’s nothing else just the work and it’s consoling for myself.

That said, I know I’m going to start doing more podcast again and just putting more stuff out there and life is finally getting into a rhythm again and I’m able to do what I need to do so I just have to stick to it. How’s your week? What’s going on in your neighborhood?

remember the world is always going to end and everyone will be screaming about it what are you doing before that? Don’t let it keep you down using to lift yourself up. Live a little and a small smile will appear. Take care of yourself. Until next week….






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