STATION ID: A Valuable Witness

Lately, its an endeavor to put something together to show you. Not because of anything else other than the real ugly truth: I don’t want to cate to Apathy. I don’t get what I want from the internet. I don’t want to be n here having a one-sided conversation and at the same time,  if I’m going to have radio silence then I’m either not going to post or post whatever and whenever I feel like it. This will be a time capsule for me. Not you. This leads me to an article on Henry Miller’s years running around Paris homeless, I can only for a short stint, really, agree with it, in the sense of this: Nothing is better than saying FUCK IT ALL. Going full bore into your own oblivion/destiny whatever you want to call it. it’s not about attaining, but so much giving up to focus on something. Enjoy the journey they say. It’s in the pursuit of something larger than yourself, representative of you and your dreams, that you feel that no matter the outcome, it’s worth it. It’s like that cheesy line from that movie. It really is not a life wasted.
Of course, this could be a drowning man describing the water to you, so what the fuck do I know? img_3196

I’m going to meander a bit here, to find my point:

Between parkour robots and self-healing, reproducing material, things could go dark pretty damn fast. But that how the cookie is going to fuck you. After the publishing of comics and running a comic shop I will tell you this, Have a plan B for after attaining a dream: why? Because sometimes that cream ends up being just okay. Not horrible, not terrible, not reprehensible, NO, just Okay. What is is the worst thing ever, because this then you gleaned to have and come forward, and conjure out of nothing but blood sweat and tear was just a pain in the ass, really. That the problem.

Scenes in my head like seeing a big bad in chains is fueled by music, like this playing in the background. I got back to the audiophile tip and getting into different types of psychobilly weed metal stuff or old school LatinX punk rock, like

  • ANTIFACE awesome local band, I love the heart and riffs and just plain fucking Grrr behind them
  • HOBO MAGIC  weed rock, space rock, psychedelia, whatever you want to call it, it fucking rocks. Sometimes the instrumentals just help create scenes and images and feelz for the story and I play them to DEATH.
  • CRYPT TRIP this is another one, but I’ve followed for a while, love the thrumb of the bass in these.

I have some channels made on Spotify if you want to explore some comic book soundtracks.

So in the end, what am I doing all this for? I think in the end, I am a valuable witness, I have a way of being and a way of seeing, unlike others, I have lived a peculiar enough life, of highs and lows, that when and if I put it to paper or screen or paint or WHATEVER, you will find value for it in your life.

Maybe that’s just me. I’m seeing.

INKTOBER is over and I’m going to hopefully post everything soon on here in a big post.

The music has been fueling scenes/scripts and ideas. I’m getting my shit together to hit 2019 with a bang. 2018 was good, lots of growth and realization, but about to hunker down on a whole other endeavor and time to jettison the load. Let’s see what happens.

Until then, don’t be afraid. They want you to be afraid, they really do. DON’T. You are a fucking SECRET WEAPON to be unleashed, no one is better you than you. Fucking own it and rock it, and lets tumble these walls together. You are loved.






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