STATION ID: and knowing is half the WHAT AM I DOING? NOOOO

So I’m doing JOEVEMBER and what is that?

After INKTOBER decided it’s good to have a type of drawing regime everyday no matter how small. It’s keep s the Brian going and this has already made my brain pump new ideas with new approaches. I find that alongside my current working out (yes I’m going to the gym and it’s agonizing) this is another egg meant to implement and get me moving, keeps ng things in line. BUT FUN.

Already it’s allowed some good and some meh, you decide:

CHUCKLES - yes that is the name of a G.I. Joe and probably the best DHL since he just wears a Hawaiian shirt and has a gun I mean how fun is that?BAZOOKA - I mean come on this guy says it all in one he’ll dump rocket propelled grenade launcher and wears a football jersey while fighting evilSERGEANT SLAUGHTER- nuff saidThe Baroness - the core of all brunette fantasiesALPINE - The coolest mountain climbing guide there his breaking all the racial barriersGUNG HO- come on this guy is just funHOODED COVRA COMMANDER - evilest looking dude of 80s villainsLADY JAYE - another character that caused early pubertyBIG BOA - Interesting history of this figure, A Cobra based boxing character was originally supposed to be ROCKY BALBOA: Stallone’s likeness has never appeared in any subsequent Joe revival, but Hasbro did wind up releasing a villain in 1987 dubbed Big Boa. Considering his boxing gloves and punching bag accessory, it’s very likely he was originally intended to be a personal nemesis for Rocky. Thanks to some legal red tape, he never got to take his swing. Kind of sucks right?SNOW JOB : GIJOE x THE THING : big fun!

This post came out late due to attending GamerComics Expo here in Miami this weekend.

It was an interesting take on a con much more fueled by gaming and internet culture than just plain fandom and pop culture. Realize that pop culture is ever changing and to think that one thing is more prized than another only because of your own perceptions is just the first way to fall from its graces. Pop culture shakes it’s fleas off constantly and nothing proves it like a con.

Like I saw that William Shatner was in attendance and to my chagrine, had a line of maybe 2 dozen or so fans, while two gamers, high on the totem pole of Fortnite, MYTH and NINJA, had the aisle clogged with fans. I was amazed.

My fellow creators especially older ones shook their heads, some thinking it the end. I thought so to. FOR THEM. And hell, maybe me too. Their a lot to this and we could go all night

about it. But thats another post.

That being said, I’m off much to do as the holidays close in on us and taking this time to work and get something done before years end. What do you think JOEVEMBER? Am I being batty?

Take care, live well, and love even if it’s a mistake, because it never is.


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