DAILY DRAW: Morning Routine

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One of my daily routine’s is to wake up and as I put everything together getting ready for work or whatever I’m doing that day I open my notebook and make some notes and draw and just generally get my first ideas and thoughts down. It’s kind of a good way to like waking your mind and can I get everything going and get yourself in the right mindset at the same time it’s part of the practice, now trying to draw every day to get better.
even if you don’t dry think you should do this. I think it’s important to have a journal or a type a little notebook or anything to write down the stuff into generally put a little bit of yourself into you every day if not just for reference reflection but also for self-betterment and for a type of meditation on.
I have piles of stuff on my phone of images I want to draw be there car is men women whatever, just different stuff I want to draw and I just go back to that if I’m stuck in I just start studying and drying it. Sometimes drying a 1954 Chevy Bel Air engine will do wonders for you, believes it or not.#dailydraw #drawdaily #foguredrawing #meditiation #sketchbook #femalefigure #manslaughter #vigil #capturing






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