Hey guys sorry for not regularly posting is been so busy doing promotions and some other stuff and need to get back on the stage to you. Here are some of the things I’m doing:

Was on JOLT RADIO with the CITIZENS OF MULTIPLE EARTHS PODCAST, Miamis own Nerdy Comic Podcast and it was a great time! we talked about the comics world but it was good to relate about the Miami comic nook scene in particular and the highs and lows of it. Hope to have a link to it soon for your perusal! Check them wherever you like to find your pods cast or on JOLT RADIO ITSELF! (WHICH WAS PRETTY DAMN COOL!)


In this episode we delve a little bit into appreciating the supporters those people that say ye not near unlike last week. We talk a little bit about making time about the things that matter away from your craft and art and it still ignoring those things that drain you. We also make a small little review of the new movie “GLASS” which I saw this weekend and that was pretty interesting: just think putting versus soufflé! And also a new comedic set with some old material and new material from Sweet Caroline on the 15th January. TUNE IN!

A busy week more to come!






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