DAILY DRAW: Convenience isn’t progress.

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2VuTZwF DAILY DRAW:
Sketching this morning and thinking about progress and what it means; Convenince isn’t progress. Haven’t it easy doesn’t mean things are better, not always. This isn’t about “the grind” or the “hustle” but so much as gaining so easily others suffer. When the thinking of the day is that something harmful can’t be stopped because we would suffer some small amount now for some gain later is so horrible a thought, then wtf are we doing. You see it in economics, in climate change, environmental issues, social issues, and sort of real change takes a bit of inconvenience which seems like the worst sin in the world right now. Other than failing in a video.
It happens to be a Thanos Study I was doing when that came up and just wrote it right in there.
Morning thoughts.
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