STATION ID: What, or better, WHO is FWACATA?!?

Recent warm up sketches form my sketchbook…

Hey Cats and kittens its been a bit since I’ve posted on here because… well… life. We just passed a hurricane and before that between finishing new issues of Tommy, Zombie Years, and Vigil and running the comic shop THE GOBLINS HEIST. All while being sick as a dog, I haven’t had time to barely shit really. Hence why I’m reaching out again STATION ID style again to say hello to he new and reintroduce myself to the old. So here is me:


My name is Juan Navarro I’m an artist writer and comedian working out of Miami Florida. And the current editor in chief of Creature Entertainment comic book company and studio and them part owner and manager of the goblins heist a comic book shop located in Hialeah Florida. I’m also the artist and co-creator of Tommy and the Creator of zombies years currently working on new issues of Vigil and REZ for the upcoming 2020 year. I MAKE STORIES.

There you go for some of the future people who by. I have also been busy on the illustration front putting together works in various fields. One project I have going is that every weekday I post a new DAILY SKETCHCARD time-lapse video on Youtube.

Every weekday i post a new one, and just finished doing a whole week of MY HERO ACADEMIA characters. Want one? You can soon purchase commissions off here that come with a live video and everything. See all of them on here and subscribe!

And if that wasn’t enough:

I’m also a Stand Up Comedian, albeit a very new one. It’s something i’ve always wanted to pursue, and currently getting back into, after taking leave because all the comics work I have going. I truly do love, it and gives me such joy. I love telling stories and making people laugh, and this just bring it all together. Catch me most Mondays and Tuesday on Stage in Downtown Brickell or sometimes at the Improv in Doral! Want to see more Miami Comedy? Then you have to check this group out and sign up!

So thats it for today. I hope to start doing these again every Sunday, just kind of an update on my works and upcoming events. I’m still pulling all my con and stand up dates together, and it’s like unraveling Christmas lights with your father fucking bad. Once that it settled I will send it through here! Until then feel free to subscribe on here, or follow me on Instagram, Youtube, or just put in FWACATA on your search I most likely pop up!

Till next week stay golden.


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