Welcome to Day one of INKTOBER!

What the hell is that? BOOM
So I’m going off the official list, and will be posting DALY for lucky subscriber of this blog and get the word out!
First up: RING

Of course, it is portrait of my hand, my left hand actually, where I have worn a skull ring for a good while now. At least 15 years. At first it was for the heavy metal sort of reasons because it was cool and yadda yadda yaddda, but after a while it became my memento mori, a reminder to live life to the fullest. I lost the first one to a righteous jacuzzi incident (teehee) I got another one to wear. Some people think it’s some morbid thing I have but it’s sooooo the opposite. Being left handed, it is the small weight that remind me each day to go towards my work and art, and if I should fall in that pursuit, well then, I lived a good life, damn it.

Used Higgins Ink, both white and black, plus a special batch I made mixing both grays, on 9″x12″ Bristol board!

Tomorrow? MINDLESS

Also if you get a chance remember to check out my Daily sketchcards videos here and on youtube!



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