Okay so for the 7th day of this now begrudgingly pain in the ass ritual was ENCHANTED.

I think I re-pencilled this like 3 times before settling on the above scene, only because it was something I could give a shit about. Featuring MERMOZ ™from DRAGONBREATH ™(A fantasy comic I have been kicking down the road for over 10 years) it was the concept of SPELLSLINGERS™, trained weapon master in magical items, especially a Spell gun. They were not wizard or sorcerers themselves, but fat hands and even faster minds that could hone a spell gun which was made up of wands and other magical accouterments, to make them formidable warriors. Sort of a cross between a wizard and a gunslinger, you know?

So yeah I’ve had this in my back pocket for a whileI also was exploring a thick ink style that I may use for the book, sort of inspired by the illustration from the VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE rpgs form the back in the day. Plus with a shaky try at some Mignola on their for good measure.



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