The captain looked across the field. He knew he stood on ground but it felt like our meal that was barely holding his weight event with his graviton belt set perfectly for the surface. Clumps of it moved away and back and he saw clouds as thick as marshmallows pass before him and he heard the clanking coming through. There across the field was a Illdillan general, walking alone as agreed.

He knew this peace treaty was necessary but did not think such a frail race could wage such a frightful war. But it was in that frailty that made them so powerful. Even if their homeworld was just gas giant of such low gravity they were almost ethereal as far as physiology but helped them create some of the most powerful and dangerous weapons in the quadrant.

“Captain…” the general spoke through his conveyance suit, barely a whisper “… it is good for us to meet, but…”

the soft hazy clouds parted and it seemed he wasn’t as alone as he thought as he saw suit after suit coming out of marshmallow cloud fields.

“… this is not the peace talk you may have wanted”

The captain grimace knowing now that as frail as they were, the Illidans were cunning. He reached for his blaster…






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