INKTOBER DAYS 19,20,21! SLING, TREAD, TREASURE respectively!

Didn’t post because I was busy with the THE GOBLINS HEIST party Saturday and recovery of said party, so decided to roll up this art pharynx and post it here!


SLING I was on the fence of what to do because it’s an action more than anything when it came to mind and in that I had to do the classic X-men move of THE FASTBALL SPECIAL between Collosses and Wolverine in action.

TREAD: I have a thing for tanks and study them and draw them (since I was 6) and so this prompt naturally lead me to draw the MAGICAL HATEBALL, one of the tank lords in a post apocalyptic punk rock story I have going.

TREASURE with this prompt it was more about just finding something cool and decided to just do the PULP FICTION scene when Vincent look inside the briefcase.

So yes I’m late to post but I can current in drawing for INKTOBER but I was just doused in work this weekend.

It’s Monday so back at it and more. Live your life, love your day, know this hour, see this minute, it starts this second.

#inktober2019 #inktober #inktoberprompts #tread #sling #treasure #xmen #tanks #pulpfiction #vincentvega #tankslords #collossus #wolverine #fastballspecial #uncannyxmen #magicalhateball #tanx






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