STATION ID: Drowning in Ink

Doing this mid week, and when it will go out will be a whole other matter, but decided to start now. Want to see about what i could write about, going forward, and wanted to list them here rather than just do them in notes and have it lost forever.

SUPERMAN sketchcard

Along the way i’ll be posting recent Sketchcard videos, which as of recently decided to go B&W with, because the time it takes to do one (Roughly an hour and half) is killing me.


I am working. I have TOMMY issue 6 (Vol.2 Issue 3) pencilled, currently inking and lettering. My big thing is to just go through everything in one sweep. Pencils, Scanning, Inks, Scanning, Lettering, Setting up for print, in one sitting for each page. That does not make it easier but helps get things absolutely done. I hate getting to the end of inking and then going back to page 12 to start lettering. I hate, HATE, HATE, reworking things or revisiting. I love making comics, but I want things to be done and move forward. Even at this age I have no patience for my work. When I’m done I’m done. It becomes a fucking orphan, left on the side of road pretty fast. I just can’t. I have to go forward, and this is not good for making comics. So part of me doing this is to kill that problem and still be productive. It’s worked even though everything else is chaos. It’s all about follow though.


I find it hilarious the paragraph above because I wrote that a week after I started this blog post. WTF man.

Check out my TEEN TITANS week of Sketchcards on my youtube

So yeah Inktober is wrapping up and I’ll be posting all those together and ay do one big post on all of the rest of the work. I am slightly jaded lately with it all, and stopped doing the sketchcards. Not for anything bad, but just looking for something thrilling. Will probably get back into painting.

Till next time, remember to ROCK AND ROLL.






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